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I wonder if I can beat her time?

Holy shit that Star Trek tattoo! Why didn’t I think of that? 

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Anonymous asked: Hey can u plz teach me how to dominate a women


Oh, honey. Full sentences are a good start.

If this is the same person I was talking to before, there is no one way to dominate women (which I told you). There isn’t even one way to dominate a specific woman.

Generally (in my opinion):
Littles want to be coddled, spoiled, and gently (but firmly) instructed.
Petgirls want to be restricted in their behavior, subhuman, and obedient, but with some affection mixed in.
Bimbos want to be every man’s stereotypical wet dream: pretty, dumb, docile, hyper-feminine. They want to scream “sex” with their clothes and attitude, and get off on objectification.
Whores/cum-dumps want to be used, abused, and left on the curb. They’re the types of girls whose phone number you can find scrawled in the bathroom of a frat house.
Slaves I’ve found to be strangely romantic. They want to dedicate their life in service to (usually) one person, and tend to only have sex with others at the behest of their masters.
Cunts are walking garbage. They want to be garbage. They get off on (extreme, convincing) humiliation, degradation, shame, and frustration (which I’ve found usually makes them pretty thick-skinned and funny in real life).
Cuckqueans get off on the virility of their partner. They enjoy watching their partner having sex with other people (or at least knowing that they are). Oftentimes shame and humiliation play into it (i.e. my husband is out fucking some bimbo and I’m waiting at home folding his clothes).

Those are all the basic types of submission that immediately come to mind. The problem is, they often overlap to varying degrees in the same person (cuckquean bimbos, whore cunts, little slaves). Maybe one day she feels like she wants to be a pet, maybe the next day she wants to be a cunt. It really takes a lot of time and patience to learn about how someone’s submissive mind ticks.

Once you find out what category (or categories) she fits into, you have to be there to delicately but firmly push her into the next phase of her training. For a bimbo, it might be giant implants. For a cunt, it might be learning how to drink piss. For a little, it might be opening up enough to be brought to orgasm. There are so many varying factors that there is no “one way” of doing it. It depends solely on the person (or sex object).

My advice is to find a submissive who is just starting her journey, much like you are starting yours. Take your time, read a lot of erotica, ask questions, find out what turns you both on and why. Experiment, be safe, and have fun.

Whatever you do, don’t just start barking orders. A good dominant male can make a woman obey with a whisper- you just have to find a way to speak to that sexy monster that lives inside her.


Edit in response to domlooking4myslave: While I personally can (and often do) identify with all of the categories on this list, I’m probably mostly bimbo-cunt (with a little petgirl sprinkled in for flavor). Thanks for asking!


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Utterly used

As a Dutch Mistress I like to tease the small and useless dick of my Cucky. In this case he punished himself by getting a hard one.. I hope you like this original picture.


As a Dutch Mistress I like to tease the small and useless dick of my Cucky. In this case he punished himself by getting a hard one.. I hope you like this original picture.